What is the Correct Reading Order for the Slammed Series?

Are you ready to dive into the captivating world of the Slammed series? If you’re wondering what order to read these heartfelt novels in, you’ve come to the right place! With a mixture of second-chance romance, emotional depth, and the potential for a movie adaptation, the Slammed series has become a must-read for many. So, grab your favorite reading spot and get ready to be swept away in this enchanting journey. In this blog post, we’ll explore the best order to read the Slammed series, along with some interesting tidbits along the way. Let’s slam into it!

Slammed Series: An Overview

Embarking on a journey through the Slammed series is akin to stepping into a whirlwind of emotions, perfectly crafted by the illustrious Colleen Hoover. This trilogy is an intricate tapestry woven of heartache, euphoria, and the pivotal moments that define our human experience. It is a homage to the power of love and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity. With each novel, readers are invited to delve deeper into an unforgettable narrative, one that resonates with the authenticity of life’s highs and lows.

The series begins with ‘Slammed’, an evocative tale that sets the stage for what’s to come. It introduces us to a world where slam poetry serves as both a backdrop and a conduit for expressing the most profound human emotions. As the starting point of the series, ‘Slammed’ ensures that your heart is primed for the journey ahead.

Following ‘Slammed’ is ‘Point of Retreat’, a novel that continues to explore the complexities of love and the myriad challenges it presents. It is a testament to the strength needed to sustain love in the face of life’s relentless trials.

Rounding out the series is ‘This Girl’, a reflective exploration that provides a deeper insight into the story, as seen through different eyes. It adds layers of depth and understanding, enriching the overall narrative.

Understanding the order in which to read the Slammed series is essential to fully grasp the evolution of its characters and the nuances of their relationships. Here is a simple guide:

Book Title Series Number
Slammed 1
Point of Retreat 2
This Girl 3

Readers often question whether the journey ends on a high note. The answer lies within the pages of ‘Slammed’, where one discovers that Colleen Hoover does not shy away from presenting her characters with formidable challenges. However, she often rewards them—and by extension, her readers—with a sense of closure and fulfillment. The path to a happy ending, however, is never straightforward or free from obstacles. It is a poignant reminder that in both literature and life, joy is often hard-won.

When considering the works of Colleen Hoover, one may encounter speculation about a cinematic adaptation. Indeed, the film rights to the Slammed series were acquired in 2013, sparking excitement among fans eager to see the beloved characters and their poignant poetry come to life on the big screen.

As for those who seek the spice of romance, ‘It Ends With Us’—another of Colleen Hoover’s creations—offers a fair share of intensity, though it is balanced with the author’s trademark nuanced storytelling.

For the devoted readers and newcomers alike, here is a recommended reading order of Colleen Hoover’s books that includes the Slammed series:

  1. Slammed (Slammed #1)
  2. Point of Retreat (Slammed #2)
  3. This Girl (Slammed #3)
  4. Losing Hope (Hopeless #2)
  5. Finding Cinderella (Hopeless #2.5)
  6. Finding Perfect (Hopeless #2.6)
  7. Maybe Not (Maybe #1.5)

Embarking on this journey will not only offer a sequential understanding of the plot but will also allow readers to witness the growth of Hoover’s storytelling prowess. Each novel can be seen as a verse in the larger poem of her literary career, resonant with the rhythm and flow that has become her signature.

Starting off with ‘Slammed’

Embarking on the Slammed series journey begins with the titular novel, ‘Slammed‘, where readers are first introduced to the poignant world of Lake and Will. This novel, brimming with raw emotion, sets the stage for a series that delves deep into the turbulent waves of young love, loss, and the healing power of slam poetry. Lake, our resilient protagonist, comes face to face with life’s harsh realities following a significant family upheaval. The narrative weaves through her internal battles and the external chaos that ensues.

Colleen Hoover masterfully crafts a narrative that not only tugs at the heartstrings but also presents a fresh perspective on coping mechanisms through the arts. The plot twists in ‘Slammed‘ are as unexpected as they are profound, transforming an ordinary love story into an emotional roller-coaster that resonates with the reader’s own experiences of love and grief.

Despite the entangled hardships and the messiness of the situations Lake finds herself in, Hoover assures us of a journey toward light at the end of the tunnel. The ending of ‘Slammed‘ offers a satisfying conclusion, yet it is anything but a gratuitous happy ending. It’s one that Lake—and by extension, the reader—must earn through a gauntlet of trials and tribulations, which makes it all the more rewarding.

This inaugural novel serves as a testament to Hoover’s narrative prowess, setting high expectations for the sequels to follow. It is an essential read for those who wish to fully immerse themselves in the emotional depths of the series and understand the intricate bonds that Lake forms with her mother and Will. For those about to take the plunge into Hoover’s world of evocative storytelling, prepare for a literary experience that promises to slam right into your heart.

Proceeding to ‘Point of Retreat’

After the emotional whirlwind of ‘Slammed’, readers are eager to continue the journey with Lake and Will in ‘Point of Retreat’. This sequel deepens their tale of love and resilience, offering a perspective shift that enriches the narrative. By delivering the story through Will’s eyes, we gain a newfound understanding of his character and the trials he faces. The connection between the protagonists evolves, as they navigate the complexities of their relationship amidst life’s inevitable challenges.

For those who cherished the delicate and profound exploration of young love in ‘Slammed’, ‘Point of Retreat’ provides a continuation that is both familiar in its emotional depth and refreshing in its new viewpoint. The romance unfurls with tact and tenderness, ensuring suitability for a wide audience. It’s essential to read ‘Point of Retreat’ following ‘Slammed’ to fully appreciate the growth and change in the characters’ lives, as each book builds upon the last, weaving a tapestry of narratives that resonate with authenticity and heart.

The Unique Reading Order

The Slammed series offers a distinctive feature that sets it apart from many other sequential narratives. Each book, while part of a cohesive series, stands strong on its own. This allows readers the flexibility to start with any book without the fear of missing out on key plot elements. Yet, to capture the full emotional arc of Lake and Will’s story, it is advisable to follow the series by the order in which it was published:

  1. Slammed – The beginning of the slam poetry-infused journey of love and loss.
  2. Point of Retreat – A continuation from Will’s perspective, enriching the storyline with his inner thoughts and feelings.
  3. This Girl – A reflection that ties back to ‘Slammed’, adding layers and offering readers a chance to relive the story with greater insight.

By adhering to this sequence, readers can immerse themselves in the full experience that Colleen Hoover intended, with each novel peeling back another layer of the characters’ lives and drawing us deeper into their world.

Second-Chance Romance

The captivating allure of a second-chance romance is at the heart of the Slammed series, where the intertwining paths of Atlas and Lily encapsulate the essence of lost and found love. This narrative thread is a testament to the resilience of the human heart, its capacity to heal, and the enduring hope for a renewed connection.

Colleen Hoover masterfully alternates between Atlas’s and Lily’s perspectives, giving readers a panoramic view of their complex emotions. Through their eyes, we witness the delicate dance of rekindling a flame that once burned brightly, emphasizing that second chances are not just about reigniting love, but also about personal growth and forgiveness.

Their journey is not without its challenges, as each character is laden with the baggage of their pasts. Yet, it is this very imperfection and vulnerability that make their story so relatable and compelling. Hoover’s skillful storytelling invites readers to consider their own lives, the relationships that have shaped them, and the courageous act of giving love another chance.

In a world where happy endings are not guaranteed, the Slammed series offers a refreshing glimpse into the possibility of finding profound happiness after heartbreak. It’s a poignant reminder that sometimes, love deserves to be fought for, even against the greatest of odds.

Understanding ‘It Ends With Us’

Delving into the Slammed series is a literary journey that becomes even more enriching with the prior reading of ‘It Ends With Us,’ another emotionally charged novel by Colleen Hoover. This prelude is pivotal for readers aiming to grasp the full emotional depth of ‘It Starts With Us.’ While the spiciness of ‘It Ends With Us’ is not explicitly discussed, its thematic elements set the stage for the subsequent narrative layers that unfold in the series.

Readers who immerse themselves in ‘It Ends With Us’ first can appreciate the nuanced references and emotional undertones that permeate ‘It Starts With Us,’ enhancing the overall reading experience. It’s a strategic approach to storytelling that reveals Hoover’s intricate design of character arcs and plotlines, where each book, while capable of standing on its own, interlocks to create a richer tapestry.

Whether you’re a seasoned Hoover enthusiast or a newcomer to her work, this reading strategy is highly recommended for those who seek to understand the intricate web of relationships and the transformative power of love that Hoover so eloquently portrays across her novels.

The Potential for a Movie Adaptation

The whisper of pages turning could well be echoed by the rolling of film reels, as the beloved Slammed series by Colleen Hoover teases the transition from the written word to the cinematic screen. The very thought of Lake and Will’s poignant romance and the raw energy of slam poetry coming to life has fans of the series abuzz with anticipation. The movie rights, acquired in 2013, have laid the groundwork for this possibility, promising a visual feast that could capture the heart-wrenching and soul-stirring moments that have enchanted readers worldwide.

Imagine the scenes of intense slam poetry, the characters’ emotional turmoil, and the tender moments of love and reconciliation unfolding before your eyes. The palpable chemistry between Lake and Will, the trials they face, and their journey towards healing and connection have the makings of a memorable film. Fans eagerly await news of casting decisions, directorial visions, and the interpretive magic that will bring to the fore the essence of Colleen Hoover’s storytelling prowess.

While the silver screen adaptation remains a tantalizing prospect, it also stirs a sense of curiosity and hope. A well-crafted movie could not only do justice to the depth of the characters but also introduce Lake, Will, Atlas, and Lily to a broader audience, spreading the allure of their story far and wide. The success of book-to-film adaptations in the past only fuels the excitement for what could be an unforgettable cinematic journey—a testament to the universal appeal of love’s resilience in the face of adversity.

As readers and cinephiles alike hold their breath, the potential for a movie adaptation remains a beacon of possibility, illuminating the power of literature to transcend mediums and touch lives in myriad ways.


Q: What order do I read the Slammed series?
A: We recommend reading the Slammed series in order by series number, starting with Slammed, followed by Point of Retreat, and then This Girl.

Q: Is there a sequel to Slammed by Colleen Hoover?
A: Yes, the sequel to Slammed is Point of Retreat.

Q: Can I read the Slammed series in chronological order?
A: No, the author, Colleen Hoover, often publishes standalone novels in between series installments, so chronological order won’t work for this book club.

Q: What is the publication order of the Slammed series?
A: The publication order of the Slammed series is Slammed, Point of Retreat, and This Girl.