Is Alecto The Ninth Coming Out? Unveiling the Mystery and Intrigue of the Locked Tomb Series

Are you ready to dive back into the twisted and captivating world of the Locked Tomb series? Well, get ready to unleash your inner detective because today we’re answering the burning question on every fan’s mind: Is Alecto The Ninth coming out? Get ready to unravel the thrilling mysteries, explore the depths of love in the Ninth House, and discover the jaw-dropping secrets of Alecto’s identity. But be warned, this blog post may contain unexpected twists, body swapping shenanigans, and maybe even a few sealed kisses. So grab your magnifying glass and join us on this wild ride through the Locked Tomb series.

Is Alecto The Ninth Coming Out?

Anticipation has been building in the gothic corridors of science fiction and fantasy literature for the arrival of Tamsyn Muir‘s latest opus, Alecto The Ninth. The fervor among fans of The Locked Tomb series resembles the necromantic energies within the books themselves—potent and unrelenting. The great news for these devotees is that the year 2023 marks the emergence of this eagerly awaited fourth installment.

As the narrative threads of the series weave toward a climax, Harrow’s declaration of love for Alecto introduces an unexpected twist in the labyrinthine plot. The reciprocation of this affection is not in the form of passion, but in a solemn vow, as Alecto pledges her allegiance to Harrow, recognizing her lineage tied to Anastasia, the esteemed progenitor of the Ninth House. This new romantic development promises to deepen the intricate web of relationships that fans have been deciphering with each page turned.

Fact Detail
Book Release Alecto The Ninth is expected to release in 2023.
Series Progression The Locked Tomb series has expanded to a four-book series with Alecto The Ninth as the latest addition.
Character Dynamics Harrow declares love for Alecto, who swears service to Harrow as a descendant of the Ninth House founder, Anastasia.

The connection between Harrow and Alecto isn’t merely a plot device but a testament to the series’ ability to intertwine personal bonds with the grandiose scope of space operas and necromantic wars. As readers have journeyed through the halls of the Ninth House, the emotional landscapes of the characters have become as vital as their battles, and Muir masterfully continues this theme with the upcoming Alecto The Ninth.

With a release on the horizon, fans are bracing themselves for the revelations that will unfold, as well as the complexities that will surely accompany Harrow’s and Alecto’s evolving relationship. The narrative promises to pull us further into the depths of this richly conceived universe, where love and loyalty are as enigmatic and powerful as the magic that fuels it.

The Mystery of Alecto

In the labyrinthine corridors of narrative, where necromancy and secrets intertwine, Alecto emerges as an enigmatic force, defying the constraints of ordinary existence. This Resurrection Beast, a term that sends shivers down the spine of the most stalwart necromancers, came into being through a cataclysmic birth. Alecto is the embodiment of the Earth’s wrath and sorrow, a creation wrought from the very essence of John, who committed an act so apocalyptic that it echoes through the cosmos. Using his own blood and ribs, John gave life to Alecto, who now holds dominion over half the planet’s might, her power rivaled only by the depth of her mystery.

Body Swapping

The concept of body swapping in literature often explores the themes of identity and empathy, but in Alecto The Ninth, this trope is elevated to an arcane art form. The intertwining fates of Harrow and Alecto take a metaphysical turn after Alecto’s departure at the close of Harrow the Ninth (HtN). As the narrative river flows, Harrow submerges herself into Alecto’s vacated vessel, a bold step into the unknown that blurs the boundaries between two distinct beings. This pivotal shift sets the stage for Alecto’s spectral return to Harrow’s forsaken form, giving rise to Nona, a composite entity whose existence is as confounding as the ritual that conjured it. The repercussions of such an intimate exchange of selves promise to unfurl in the pages of the upcoming tome, beckoning readers into the heart of the labyrinth where answers await.

Devotees of Muir’s intricate saga are poised on the precipice of revelation, for the act of body swapping extends beyond mere physical transference; it is a crucible for transformation and the genesis of power. The fusion of Harrow and Alecto into Nona is not simply a plot device, but a narrative alchemy that fans anticipate will unfold with the finesse and complexity that characterizes Tamsyn Muir’s storytelling.

The implications of this exchange are manifold. They raise questions about autonomy and consent, about the essence of being, and about the potential for unity or discord when two souls occupy a single shell. As the tale of Alecto The Ninth unravels, readers will no doubt be entranced by the exploration of these profound themes, set against the backdrop of an empire where death and life are as intertwined as the fates of Harrow and Alecto themselves.

Alecto’s Identity

In the rich tapestry of The Locked Tomb series, Alecto’s identity is a knot of intricate threads, shimmering with mythological resonance and narrative complexity. Hesiod’s ancient lore whispers through the pages, painting Alecto as a fearsome daughter of Gaea, a sibling among the dread sisters Tisiphone and Megaera. Yet, beneath this veneer of legend, there lies a modern twist that beckons readers deeper into the labyrinth of intrigue.

Harrow, the protagonist caught in a web of celestial politics and personal turmoil, grapples with visions of “The Body”. This spectral presence, elusive as smoke, is an amalgam of identities—perhaps Alecto, the stalwart Gideon Nav, or the authoritative Commander Wake. It is a riddle wrapped in a mystery, where the desires and motivations of The Body are as obscured as a star cloaked by the shadow of a new moon.

The narrative, rich with symbolism, suggests that Alecto’s existence is more than mere mythology—it’s a pivotal force in the cosmic balance of life and death. The relationship between Harrow and this entity is laced with ambiguity, each hallucination and interaction a piece of a jigsaw puzzle yet to be completed. It is in this uncertainty that the story finds its pulse, each beat a question mark that echoes through the halls of the Ninth House.

As readers traverse the pages of Alecto The Ninth, they are invited to contemplate the enigma of identity. What does it mean to be Alecto, or Harrow, or any individual in a universe where the lines between one being and another can be as blurred as the boundary between life and death itself? It is this philosophical quandary that fuels the heart of the narrative, propelling it forward with the gravity of a dying star pulling at the fabric of space-time.

The depth of Alecto’s character is a puzzle that tantalizes and challenges, a spectral whisper that promises revelations with the turn of every page. In this grand space opera, the question of who Alecto truly is becomes a beacon that leads readers through the darkness, a siren song of mystery that is impossible to ignore.

The Locked Tomb Series

What began as a journey shrouded in the darkness of space and the mystery of necromancy has evolved into a cosmic odyssey that defies the boundaries of genre. The Locked Tomb series, initially conceived as a trilogy, has stretched its wings to encompass a quartet of main novels and a short story—each entry a new layer in the intricate tapestry of this gothic saga. As we stand on the precipice of Alecto The Ninth‘s release, the air is thick with anticipation, promising to deliver yet another chapter that weaves together the fates of Gideon Nav, Harrowhark Nonagesimus, and the eclectic ensemble of cavaliers and necromancers from the Nine Houses System.

With a narrative cauldron that blends the eerie depths of fantasy, the boundless possibilities of science fiction, and the spine-chilling suspense of horror, the series has bewitched a diverse readership. Each novel has carried its own set of riddles and revelations, luring readers deeper into the labyrinthine world crafted by Tamsyn Muir. It’s a universe where the dead speak, the living wield the power of death, and the line between the two blurs into obscurity.

As the Necrolord Prime summons new Lyctoral Saints to bolster his celestial legions, the tale’s protagonists find themselves enmeshed in a celestial battlefield where not just bodies, but very souls are on the line. The upcoming Alecto The Ninth is not merely a continuation but a crescendo in this symphony of the macabre, where the intertwined destinies of Alecto and Harrowhark come to a head in a dance of power, identity, and possibly redemption.

The series, which has unfurled from Gideon the Ninth to Harrow the Ninth, and through Nona the Ninth, is a testament to the ever-expanding cosmos of Muir’s imagination. The eagerly awaited Alecto The Ninth, initially slated as the final act, has been postponed to a late 2023 release, heightening the suspense for what lies within its pages. The delay has only served to stoke the flames of curiosity among the fervent fans who hunger for the resolution of the many enigmas that have been meticulously laid out.

And so, with bated breath, the community of readers stands ready to dive once more into the depths of The Locked Tomb series. As we await the arrival of Alecto The Ninth, there is an unspoken promise that this latest installment will not only continue the tradition of enthralling its audience but also present them with a puzzle that dares to be solved—a narrative alchemy of the highest order.


Q: Is Alecto the Ninth coming out?
A: Yes, Alecto the Ninth is the previously-announced concluding volume of the four-book series. However, its release date has been pushed back to late 2023.

Q: Is Harrow in love with Alecto?
A: Yes, Harrow declares her love for Alecto in the story.

Q: Is Alecto a resurrection beast?
A: Yes, Alecto is considered a resurrection beast. She is the soul of the Earth, created when John killed the world and its ten billion souls.

Q: How did Alecto get in Harrow’s body?
A: Alecto left for some reason at the end of the story, but presumably returned to Harrow’s body to form Nona.

Q: Is Alecto a woman?
A: Yes, according to Hesiod, Alecto is a woman. She is described as the daughter of Gaea and the sister of Tisiphone.