Is The Ex Hex the Steamiest Love Story of the Year?

Are you ready for a steamy dose of romance and a sprinkle of magic? Look no further than “The Ex Hex”! This captivating novel will have you on the edge of your seat, wondering if love can conquer all, even a powerful curse. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the world of “The Ex Hex” and explore just how steamy this enchanting tale truly is. So grab your favorite beverage and get ready to be swept away in a whirlwind of passion, humor, and second chances. Let’s uncover the spellbinding secrets of “The Ex Hex” together!

The Ex Hex: A Dash of Spice and a Second Chance at Love

Imbued with the perfect blend of zest and enchantment, Erin Sterling’s The Ex Hex has cast its spell as a New York Times bestseller. This tale is no ordinary romance; it is a cauldron where love simmers with magic and mystery. At its heart is the cherished second chance love trope, stirring the pot for those who dare to fall for its charms anew.

Within the quaint setting of Graves Glen, a small-town witch, Vivienne Jones, finds herself entangled with the echoes of past love. When Rhys Penhallow, the man who once shattered her heart, comes back to town, a whirlwind of supernatural disasters follows. It’s a dance of destiny they cannot escape, compelling them to join forces and conjure up the old magic they once shared.

Let’s delve into the bewitching dynamics of Vivienne and Rhys as they navigate the spellbinding path of rekindled romance. The Ex Hex thrives on the allure of what was once lost but might be found again, making it an irresistible read for those yearning for love’s return.

The sequel, The Kiss Curse, continues to entice with the introduction of Gwyn, the spirited cousin of Vivienne. It promises yet another flavorful concoction of romance, this time with an ‘enemies to lovers’ twist that keeps the pages turning.

Book Title Main Characters Trope Sequel Spice Level
The Ex Hex Vivienne Jones, Rhys Penhallow Second Chance Love The Kiss Curse Right Amount
The Kiss Curse Gwyn, Wells Penhallow Enemies to Lovers N/A Cozy, Lil’ Steamy

As for the steaminess of The Ex Hex, opinions may vary, but a vocal chorus of readers agree that it serves up the right amount of sizzle. It’s a book where the steam rises not from explicit pages but from the smoldering tension and playful innuendos that spark between characters. This approach to romance is like a finely seasoned dish—flavorful without overwhelming the senses, leaving readers sated yet craving more.

In an era where explicit content often takes center stage, Sterling’s work stands out by crafting an atmosphere that is both titillating and substantive. It is a testament to the author’s skill in striking a fine balance, ensuring that the storyline remains the main course while the spice complements without dominating the narrative.

For those who seek a romance that warms the heart without scalding the soul, The Ex Hex emerges as a refreshing choice. It beckons you to a world where love’s embers can be rekindled, proving that sometimes, the second time’s the charm.

The Ex Hex vs. The Kiss Curse: A Tale of Two Spices

When it comes to enchanting romantic tales, Erin Sterling has conjured a winning formula with her bewitching series set in Graves Glen. Yet, readers are often curious about the level of steaminess they can expect as they turn the pages. If “The Ex Hex” was a simmering potion, then its successor, “The Kiss Curse,” is the bewitching brew that reaches a gentle boil.

In “The Kiss Curse,” the spice meter wavers at a delightful three out of five crystal balls. This sequel sashays beyond the innuendos and subtle fire of its predecessor, offering a cozier yet slightly steamier enemies-to-lovers romance. With Gwyn and Wells Penhallow at the heart of the narrative, readers are treated to a dance of attraction and repulsion that crackles with magical intensity and warms with intimate moments.

For those who have become entangled in the charming spells of “The Ex Hex,” reading the sequel feels like a natural progression. Yet, for newcomers, it’s advisable to begin their journey in Graves Glen with the first book. Although “The Kiss Curse” stands strong on its own, the foundational knowledge from “The Ex Hex” enriches the experience, offering deeper insights into the mystical world Sterling has woven, along with the intricate relationships that thrive within.

The trope of second-chance love is deftly explored in “The Ex Hex,” where Vivienne and Rhys rekindle an old flame amidst magical mishaps. The narrative arc is steeped in nostalgia and the tender hope of reconnection. In contrast, “The Kiss Curse” introduces a fresh dynamic with Gwyn and Wells, whose fiery banter and undeniable chemistry provide a satisfying zest that complements the series’ overarching themes.

It’s worth noting that both tales, while distinct in their romantic flavors, maintain a common thread of whimsy and heart. They capture the essence of Graves Glen—a small town where magic is as real as the emotions that pulse through every encounter. Fans of the series will revel in the consistency of the world-building and the evolution of the magical system that underpins the characters’ experiences.

Whether you prefer the gentle simmer of “The Ex Hex” or the more pronounced heat of “The Kiss Curse,” Sterling’s storytelling prowess ensures a balance that neither overwhelms nor underwhelms. It’s this careful calibration of steaminess, combined with the allure of love and the thrill of magic, that makes the series a beloved addition to the romance genre.

As you contemplate which spellbinding romance to delve into first, remember that the journey through Graves Glen is one of enchantment, laughter, and love—a journey that’s best savored from the very beginning.

The Ex Hex: A Love Story Wrapped in a Curse

At the heart of The Ex Hex is a tale as old as time: a young love that blossoms, withers, and then finds itself resurrected in the most enchanting of ways. Vivi Jones, a 19-year-old witch with a heart full of dreams, tumbles headfirst into a passionate romance with Rhys Penhallow. Their love story is a whirlwind, steeped in the mysticism of Graves Glen—a place where magic is as real as the emotions that Vivi and Rhys share. However, when Rhys leaves, taking pieces of Vivi’s heart with him, a mix of heartbreak and witchcraft leads to a curse that is both a comedic mishap and a testament to the power of bruised emotions.

As the years pass, the curse becomes but a whisper of their past—until Rhys’s unexpected return to Graves Glen. The town, with its charming peculiarities and enchanting residents, is shaken by a series of supernatural disturbances, and it becomes clear that the carelessly uttered hex has far-reaching consequences. Vivi and Rhys must navigate the intricate dance of their rekindled feelings amidst the chaos of their own making. Through this journey, readers are invited to explore themes of forgiveness, growth, and the enduring nature of love.

The rich tapestry of their relationship is woven with threads of humor, the ache of longing, and the hope of second chances. It’s a potent brew that simmers with the same subtle heat that readers seek in a steamy romance, yet The Ex Hex maintains a balance, ensuring that the story is accessible to those who prefer their love stories with just a dash of spice. Sterling masterfully crafts a narrative that captures the enchantment of the small-town setting and the complexity of mending a bond frayed by time and magic.

As Vivi and Rhys confront their past and the repercussions of a spell cast in haste, they find that sometimes the most powerful magic is that which allows two hearts to beat as one again. It’s a love story, yes, but it’s also a reminder that even in a world of spells and sorcery, the most profound enchantments are those we create within ourselves and with others.

Witty, Sarcastic, and Heartwarming: The Dirty Air Series

Delving deeper into the magical allure of Erin Sterling’s universe, the Dirty Air series emerges as a sensational successor to the bewitching tales of Graves Glen. This series, infused with the same enchanting elements that made The Ex Hex and The Kiss Curse fan favorites, is a treasure trove for readers craving more of Sterling’s spellbinding storytelling.

At the heart of the Dirty Air series are characters who sparkle with wit and sarcasm, engaging readers with their sharp tongues and quick repartee. It’s this sparkling dialogue that not only adds levity to the narrative but also deepens the connection between the characters, making their journeys feel incredibly personal and relatable.

Moreover, Sterling doesn’t shy away from turning up the heat. The series is peppered with spicy scenes that are as tasteful as they are tantalizing. These moments are carefully crafted, ensuring they enhance the story rather than overshadow it, striking the perfect balance between passion and narrative progression. Fans of the steaminess found in The Ex Hex will find themselves equally enthralled by the heat generated in the pages of the Dirty Air series.

But it’s not all about the sizzle. Sterling’s series also excels in moments that are genuinely heartwarming. The emotional depth of the characters is explored through rich backstories and complex relationships, creating a tapestry of connections that resonate with readers. These poignant moments serve to ground the fantastical elements, reminding us that at the core of every magical misadventure is the universal pursuit of love, acceptance, and belonging.

With this masterful blend of humor, heat, and heart, the Dirty Air series stands as a testament to Sterling’s ability to weave tales that captivate and charm. It’s the kind of series that not only holds a mirror to the complexities of the human (and sometimes not-so-human) heart but also wraps you in a cozy blanket of escapism, perfect for those nights when only a good book will do.


Q: Is The Ex Hex a steamy book?
A: Yes, The Ex Hex is described as having the right amount of spice and being a lil’ steamy.

Q: Is there any explicit content in The Ex Hex?
A: No, there is no explicit content in The Ex Hex. While there is some violence, death, and swearing, there is no explicit sexual content.

Q: What is the storyline of The Ex Hex?
A: The Ex Hex follows the story of a small-town witch who is forced to work with the man who broke her heart when his return triggers a series of supernatural disasters.

Q: Do I need to read The Ex Hex before reading the sequel?
A: It is not necessary to read The Ex Hex before reading the sequel. However, reading the predecessor book may provide some background information and enhance the reading experience.