Is the Third Legendborn Book on the Horizon?

Are you ready to dive back into the captivating world of the Legendborn series? Well, hold onto your seats because we have some exciting news for you! In this blog post, we’ll be exploring the burning question on every fan’s mind: Is there going to be a third Legendborn book? Get ready to uncover the latest updates, juicy details about the characters and their relationships, and even the possibility of Legendborn hitting the big screen. So sit back, relax, and let’s embark on this thrilling journey together as we unravel the anticipation for the highly anticipated third installment.

Is There Going To Be A Third Legendborn Book?

The burning question on the minds of dedicated fans is whether the enchanting world of Legendborn will be graced with a third installment. The series, which has woven a rich tapestry of magic and mythology, was originally conceived as a trilogy. This fact alone has set the stage for the anticipation of a climactic conclusion in a third book. To illuminate the current knowledge surrounding the subject, a summary of critical facts is provided below:

Fact Details
Planned Trilogy The Legendborn series was envisioned as a trilogy from the start.
Television Adaptation There are plans to adapt Legendborn into a TV show, indicating the story’s growing popularity.
Romance Element Legendborn contains romantic themes interwoven with its plot, including a love triangle.
Age Rating Legendborn is recommended for readers 12 and up, but the series appeals to a wide age range due to its storytelling depth.
Content Nature The series features mild romance and battle violence without explicit content, making it suitable for its intended audience.

Fans of Legendborn have found themselves deeply invested in the lives of its characters and the magical dilemmas they face. The complex relationships and the unfolding narrative have only intensified the desire for a third book. While there has yet to be an official announcement confirming the release date or title, the strong foundation laid by the first two books has readers on the edge of their seats, eager for the next chapter.

As the series has gained traction, so has the speculation about its continuation. The intricate plotlines demand resolution, and the depth of the character arcs hint at more development to come. The hope for a third book is not unfounded, given the story’s structure and the unwavering dedication of its growing fanbase. Thus, while we wait for concrete news, the anticipation for a third Legendborn book continues to build, promising more magic, more battles, and more heart-wrenching twists in the tale of this modern retelling of Arthurian legends.

Characters and Relationships

At the heart of the Legendborn series lies a tapestry rich with diverse characters, each bringing their unique threads to the narrative. The protagonist, Bree Matthews, is a compelling force, an ownvoices Black character whose depth and strength resonate with readers. Her experiences and perspective breathe life into the overarching theme of self-discovery and heritage, as she navigates the secret magical society of the Legendborn.

Adding vibrant hues to this tapestry, we meet Alice Chen, a Taiwanese-American lesbian who is not only Bree’s best friend but also a steadfast ally in her magical journey. Alice’s character is a beacon of representation, highlighting the importance of friendship and loyalty amidst the chaos of battle and magic. The series is further enriched by Selwyn Kane, a pivotal character whose bisexuality is portrayed with nuance and authenticity, challenging traditional norms within the fantasy genre.

Amidst this myriad of characters stands Greer Taylor, a nonbinary individual whose identity is presented with a refreshing subtlety. The narrative does not sensationalize Greer’s gender; instead, it offers a respectful and normalized portrayal, allowing Greer’s personality and role in the story to take center stage.

The series doesn’t shy away from exploring the complexities of human relationships, featuring not only bisexual and gay characters but also those involved in wlw (women loving women) dynamics. These side characters contribute to the intricate social fabric of the Legendborn, each with their own backstory and emotional journey, which intertwine with the central plot.

As the series progresses, the interplay of these relationships forms a crucial part of the narrative’s charm, deepening the reader’s connection to the world Tracy Deonn has crafted. The Legendborn series becomes a beacon of diversity and inclusivity, setting a new standard for character representation in young adult fantasy. It’s not just about the battles and the magic—it’s about the people, their connections, and how these bonds shape their destinies.

Legendborn’s Love Triangle

The intricate web of affections entangling Bree Matthews, Nick Davis, and Selwyn Kane has become a cornerstone of suspense in the Legendborn series. The dynamics of this love triangle weave through the narrative, pulling readers into the emotional whirlwind faced by our heroine. With each character holding a piece of Bree’s heart, the tension is palpable and the outcome uncertain, a fact that fans of the series find irresistibly compelling.

Bree, a strong and resilient protagonist, initially gravitates towards Nick Davis, whose charm and lineage—being the son of Martin Davis—make him an alluring figure within the Order. Their connection is a blend of mutual respect and burgeoning affection, culminating in a partnership that transcends mere attraction; it’s a bond fortified by shared experiences and the weighty responsibility of the roles they play in the magical hierarchy. Nick’s offer to Bree, symbolized by the key to his room, is loaded with unspoken promise and anticipation, reflected in their poignant embrace at the Selection Gala.

On the other end of the spectrum is the enigmatic Selwyn Kane, whose interactions with Bree crackle with unresolved tension and the allure of the forbidden. Their kiss, a moment of raw honesty and vulnerability, stirs something profound within Bree. Selwyn’s challenge for her to acknowledge the truth of her feelings only deepens the complexity of their relationship, hinting at a connection that could upend the stability of her bond with Nick.

The love triangle reaches into the core of each character’s desires and fears, acting as a mirror to their inner conflicts. It’s a testament to the nuanced writing of the series that such relationships are portrayed with depth and authenticity, engaging readers in a guessing game of romantic outcomes. Will Bree’s heart lead her back to the steadfast Nick, or will the enigmatic pull of Selwyn prove too strong to resist? The answer remains shrouded in the mystique that surrounds this enthralling saga.

As the series progresses, the evolution of these relationships continues to be a focal point for fans, who are invested not just in the magical battles and lore, but also in the very human story of love and connection. The love triangle is not a mere plot device; it’s a reflection of the intricate human emotions that drive us all, making the magical world of Legendborn all the more relatable and intoxicating.

Legendborn on Screen

The fantastical realms and rich narratives of the Legendborn series have not only captivated the hearts of readers but have also sparked the flames of cinematic potential. As whispers of a television adaptation begin to circulate, fans of the series might soon witness Bree Matthews’ journey unfold in a new, visual dimension. The prospect of bringing this modern twist on Arthurian legends to screen teases the imagination with promises of spellbinding magic, heart-pounding battles, and the intricate weave of relationships that have become the series’ hallmark.

While the series is still in the early stages of adaptation, with no network attachment as of yet, the team behind the scenes is no less dedicated to the cause. Black Bear Television, known for their commitment to quality storytelling, is currently navigating the labyrinth of the entertainment industry to find a suitable home for the series. Their mission: to translate the enchanting world of Legendborn into a format that can enrapture not only existing fans but also a broader audience, who may be new to Bree’s story.

The translation from page to screen is an alchemy that requires a delicate balance—maintaining the essence of the original work while breathing new life into its characters and settings. The vivid portrayal of the legendary Order of the Round Table, the modern-day magicians, and the complex social fabric that Tracy Deonn has so meticulously crafted presents an exciting challenge for screenwriters and directors alike.

As the anticipation for the third book in the series continues to build, the potential adaptation adds another layer of excitement. Discussions, speculations, and dream castings are already ablaze across fan forums and social media platforms, showcasing the community’s eagerness to see the Legendborn universe expand beyond the written word.

While fans await concrete news, the idea of a Legendborn series finding a home on television remains a tantalizing possibility—one that could bring Bree’s world to vivid, moving color, and introduce a new legion of followers to the magic that is the Legendborn series.

The Anticipation for the Third Book

The fervor surrounding the Legendborn series has created a fervent community of readers, all of whom are on tenterhooks for the release of the much-anticipated third book. With the narrative beautifully poised at the precipice of its climax, fans are left combing through the existing pages for hints, theorizing on forums, and sharing their high hopes for the ultimate resolutions of the intricate plotlines woven by Tracy Deonn.

As readers recall the ending of the previous installment, the sense of urgency for closure is palpable. The stakes were elevated to dizzying heights, leaving the characters—and readers—yearning for answers. Will the secrets buried deep within the magic and lore be unearthed? Can the complex web of relationships reach a satisfying conclusion? These are the questions that haunt the series’ devoted followers.

While the official announcement for the third book’s arrival remains shrouded in mystery, the trilogy structure of the series offers a glimmer of hope. It is a silent promise that the entwined fates of Bree, Selwyn, and Nick will soon reach their destinies. And as the potential television adaptation draws nearer, the world of Legendborn is only expanding, further igniting the imaginations of its audience.

There is a collective breath being held, a shared heartbeat among the Legendborn faithful. They gather in online communities, dissecting every detail and forming kinships over shared theories. The longing for the third book is more than a desire—it’s a culmination of the journey they’ve taken with the characters, a journey they are not ready to see end, but are desperate to see through.

For now, the waiting game continues, with the promise of a trilogy’s conclusion being a beacon of light in the distance—a beacon that beckons readers back to the spellbinding world of the Legendborn, ready for the final chapter to unfold.


Q: Is there going to be a third Legendborn book?
A: Yes, the Legendborn Cycle was planned as a trilogy.

Q: Is the Legendborn series a trilogy?
A: Yes, the Legendborn series was planned as a trilogy.

Q: Is Legendborn going to be a TV show?
A: Yes, Legendborn is going to be adapted into a TV show by Anne Cofell Saunders.

Q: What is the age rating for the Legendborn book?
A: The Legendborn book is suitable for young adults and has a recommended age rating.