Will Once Upon A Broken Heart Have a Third Book?

Are you a fan of the enchanting world of Once Upon A Broken Heart? Have you been eagerly waiting to find out if there will be a third book in this captivating series? Well, you’re in luck! In this blog post, we’re diving into the question that’s been on every fan’s mind: Will There Be A 3rd Book Of Once Upon A Broken Heart? Get ready to embark on a journey filled with romance, mystery, and the magic of the Caraval universe. So, grab your favorite cup of tea, cozy up, and let’s explore the possibility of a thrilling trilogy that will leave you spellbound.

Will There Be A 3rd Book Of Once Upon A Broken Heart?

Devotees of the mesmerizing tale of Evangeline Fox have reason to rejoice as the finale of the Once Upon A Broken Heart series approaches with bated breath. The trilogy will culminate with the much-anticipated release of its third book, “A Curse for True Love,” slated to grace bookshelves on the 30th of November, 2023. This news has sparked a wave of excitement, promising to quench the thirst of fans who have been longing for the saga’s conclusion.

Once Upon A Broken Heart: From Duology to Trilogy

Once Upon A Broken Heart was originally presented to the world as a duology. Yet, the narrative’s richness and the characters’ depth warranted an extension. The author, following the second book’s release, The Ballad of Never After, thrilled fans with the revelation of a third book, thus evolving the arc into a trilogy. This third and final volume is anticipated to weave together the remaining narrative strands, delivering a denouement that satisfies the yearning for a definitive end to the enchanting journey.

Book Title Release Date Format
A Curse for True Love November 30, 2023 Hardcover & eBook
Once Upon A Broken Heart Previously Released Hardcover & eBook
The Ballad of Never After Previously Released Hardcover & eBook

With the stage set for an epic conclusion, readers eagerly anticipate the fates of beloved characters and the enchanting, yet treacherous twists that define the series. Fans are poised to embark on the last leg of this whimsical adventure, one that promises to blend the heartache of longing with the luster of magical realms.

Characters: Evangeline Fox and Her Love Life

In the intricate tapestry of the Once Upon a Broken Heart series, the vibrant thread of Evangeline Fox weaves a tale of yearning and enchantment. Her journey, fraught with the pangs of unrequited affection and the tantalizing hope of true love, stands as the emotional core that readers find irresistibly magnetic. The question on everyone’s lips is, “Who does Evangeline Fox end up with?

Her tale begins in a shroud of sorrow, as Evangeline’s heart is shattered by Luc’s betrothal to her stepsister, Marisol. Clinging to the belief that Luc’s affections are ensnared by a hex, she desperately strikes a bargain with the enigmatic Prince of Hearts, Jacks. This decision spirals into a journey that artfully explores the sacrifices we make for love and the unforeseen ramifications of bargaining with forces beyond our ken.

In an unforeseen twist, Apollo, caught under the spell of love’s whimsy, professes his undying love for Evangeline and they are married. Though a union formed under the influence of magic, it leaves readers questioning the nature of their relationship and its authenticity. Concurrently, the flickering flame of potential romance between Evangeline and Jacks keeps readers on tenterhooks, eager to witness the culmination of their palpable chemistry.

Do Jacks and Evangeline get together?

The tension between Jacks and Evangeline is a simmering undercurrent that runs through the narrative, yet it never quite boils over into the realm of romance. Their connection is nuanced, brimming with an allure that transcends the physical, casting a spell over the reader’s imagination and leaving a trail of ‘what-ifs’ in its wake.

Do Jacks and Evangeline kiss in The Ballad of Never After?

Their relationship, laced with the possibility of a kiss, is a dance of proximity and distance, as the dread curse of the Prince of Hearts looms over them. The curse is such that any lips that dare to touch Jacks’ are fated to the grip of death, unless they belong to his one true love. This dire stipulation adds a layer of tragic romance to their interactions, making the longing between them as perilous as it is potent.

This section of their saga is a testament to the notion that sometimes, the most compelling love stories are those that leave us yearning for resolution. The nuanced development of their relationship is a testament to Stephanie Garber’s skill in crafting a world where love’s complexity is honored in all its forms, whether fulfilled or otherwise. As the narrative progresses, the reader remains captivated by the evolving dance between Evangeline and Jacks, a ballet of emotion that promises to keep hearts racing and pages turning.

Once Upon A Broken Heart: A Standalone Book In The Caraval Universe

Once Upon A Broken Heart weaves its magic as a distinctive gem in the Caraval universe. This standalone tale, which made its grand entrance into the literary world on September 28, 2021, invites readers to traverse a path filled with enchantment, heartache, and unforeseen twists. Crafted by the illustrious Stephanie Garber, the novel introduces us to the star-crossed life of Evangeline Fox, a protagonist whose journey begins with the bitter taste of deception and the desperation of unrequited love.

The beauty of this narrative lies in its independence from the existing Caraval series. Whether you are a seasoned traveler through Garber’s fantastical realms or a newcomer to her prose, Once Upon A Broken Heart offers a gateway to an immersive experience that stands confidently on its own. The book’s self-contained story allows newcomers to delve into Evangeline’s world without prior knowledge, while longtime fans will encounter delightful connections and Easter eggs that enrich the overarching Caraval mythology.

Embarking on this new adventure, readers will find themselves enraptured by the vibrant portrayal of a young heart’s resilience against the intricate tapestry of fate and fortune. Evangeline Fox’s tale is a testament to the power of hope and the lengths one might go to for a chance at happiness – even if it means striking a deal with the enigmatic and ever-cunning Prince of Hearts, Jacks.

The question of who will capture Evangeline’s heart is a silken thread that runs through the narrative, binding the reader to her emotional odyssey. As the book unfolds, we witness the complexities of love and the shades of gray that dwell within the promises of a fairytale ending. With Apollo and Jacks on opposite sides of her heart’s battlefield, Evangeline’s story becomes not just a quest for love, but a voyage into the depths of her own strength and character.

For those who seek an escape into a world where every heartbeat is a note in the symphony of a grander tale, Once Upon A Broken Heart promises a sojourn into the extraordinary. Stephanie Garber’s storytelling prowess ensures that each page is a dance of words, a delicate pirouette that entices the imagination and keeps the heart yearning for more.

It is within the confines of this standalone masterpiece that we find a universe where every ending has the potential to be re-written, and where the heart’s desires are as vast as the stars. A universe that, despite its independent storyline, is irrevocably tied to the magic, mystery, and romance that is quintessentially Caraval.


The journey of Evangeline Fox in the Once Upon A Broken Heart series has been nothing short of a fantastical whirlwind, sweeping readers up in a maelstrom of fate and passion. As the calendar pages flutter toward the much-anticipated release date of “A Curse for True Love”, the final chapter in this bewitching trilogy, the excitement within the literary community is reaching a fever pitch. This last installment is not merely a book; it’s the culmination of a saga that has held readers spellbound, eagerly awaiting the resolution of Evangeline’s story.

With each tick of the clock, the hearts of fans beat in unison with the countdown to November 30, 2023. The air is thick with questions—will true love prevail or will the shadows of the supernatural beings eclipse the light of hope? As the pages of the previous books have shown, the path to happily ever after is fraught with peril and unexpected detours. But one thing remains unwavering—the resilience and determination of our heroine, who has navigated through love’s trials and tribulations with an unwavering spirit.

The impending release promises to deliver not just answers, but a treasure trove of emotion, as the tapestry of Evangeline’s fate intertwines with the enigmatic and captivating Prince of Hearts, Jacks. The power of Stephanie Garber’s storytelling is set to reach its zenith, as readers worldwide prepare to dive into a narrative rich with enchantment and the poignant complexities of the heart.

As the final book approaches, it’s a testament to the power of a well-told story, one that can bring together a community in shared anticipation and joy. “A Curse for True Love” stands on the horizon like a beacon, signaling the bittersweet end of an unforgettable journey—a journey that has carved its place in the hearts of readers and will resonate long after the final word is read.


Q: Will there be a third book of Once Upon A Broken Heart?
A: Yes, there will be a third book in the Once Upon A Broken Heart series.

Q: How many books will Once Upon A Broken Heart have?
A: Once Upon A Broken Heart will have three books in total.

Q: What is the name of book 3 of Once Upon A Broken Heart?
A: The name of book 3 of Once Upon A Broken Heart has not been mentioned in the provided facts.

Q: Is Once Upon A Broken Heart a trilogy or a duology?
A: Once Upon A Broken Heart was initially marketed as a duology, but later the author confirmed that there will be a third book, making it a trilogy.