Will There Be a 6th Book in the Red Rising Series? Unveiling the Future of the Red Rising Series

Are you a die-hard fan of the Red Rising series, eagerly waiting to dive into the next thrilling installment? Well, you’re not alone! The anticipation for the sixth book in the Red Rising series is reaching fever pitch among fans worldwide. In this blog post, we will unveil the future of the series, discuss the highly anticipated release date, introduce you to the intriguing Red God, and explore the fascinating world beyond the books. So buckle up, because we’re about to embark on an epic journey through the Red Rising universe. Get ready to discover if there will be a sixth book in the Red Rising series!

Unveiling the Future of the Red Rising Series

The realm of science fiction braces itself for a monumental event: the release of Lightbringer, the sixth installment of the Red Rising series. This series has riveted readers worldwide with its interstellar conflicts and profound character arcs. Now, the upcoming continuation promises to escalate the saga’s intensity and depth.

Anticipation for Lightbringer

After diving into the brutal, yet beautifully crafted worlds of the Red Rising universe, the announcement of Lightbringer has ignited a firestorm of anticipation. Set to grace bookstores in the summer of 2023, this new chapter is poised to fortify the series’ legacy. Following the epic narrative established by its predecessors—Red Rising, Golden Son, Morningstar, Iron Gold, and Dark AgeLightbringer is not just another sequel but the penultimate beacon leading to the series’ climax.

Here’s a brief overview of the series’ publication journey so far:

Book Title Release Status Series Position
Red Rising Published 1st
Golden Son Published 2nd
Morningstar Published 3rd
Iron Gold Published 4th
Dark Age Published 5th
Lightbringer Announced 6th

With the confirmation that Lightbringer is not the concluding volume, the series’ devotees can revel in the knowledge that the epic saga will extend beyond the upcoming release. In this next installment, readers can anticipate a tale that is both grand in scale and intimate in its portrayal of the characters they’ve grown to admire or despise. The struggle for power, freedom, and survival will continue to unfold within the vast canvas of a solar system torn by war and revolution.

As the summer of 2023 approaches, fans are marking their calendars, eager to devour the pages of Lightbringer. The story’s evolution is a testament to Pierce Brown’s mastery in weaving a narrative that not only entertains but also challenges the very notions of society, loyalty, and destiny.

The anticipation for Lightbringer is palpable, as the series has consistently delivered a barrage of twists and turns that have left readers yearning for more. With the stakes higher than ever, Brown’s upcoming novel is set to be a pivotal turning point in the Red Rising saga, a crescendo that will set the stage for the ultimate finale.

Release Date and Beyond

As the stars align in the literary cosmos, the much-awaited date of July 25, 2023, emerges as a milestone for fans of the Red Rising series. This is the day when the pages of Lightbringer, the sixth installment, will finally turn, unveiling new chapters of interstellar intrigue and revolution. But the odyssey through Pierce Brown’s meticulously crafted universe doesn’t halt here; rather, it paves the way for an even grander finale.

Indeed, the confirmation that Lightbringer is not the concluding volume ignites a flame of excitement, for there is yet another novel that will serve as the crowning glory of this epic series. This means that readers will be graced with a total of seven books, each a saga in its own right, each a testament to Brown’s storytelling prowess.

Introducing Red God

Peering into the future, the title “Red God” looms on the horizon, a name that resonates with the promise of closure and the weight of finality. As the seventh and concluding book, Red God will weave together the myriad threads laid out in its predecessors, offering resolutions to the burning questions and heart-wrenching conflicts that have ensnared its readers.

The anticipation for Red God burgeons even as the countdown to Lightbringer‘s release ticks on. Fans across the globe are already conjecturing about the fates that await their beloved characters, the twists that will shape the endgame, and the legacies that will be left behind in the wake of this literary juggernaut’s conclusion.

As these two titanic titles approach, the community of Red Rising aficionados stands on the precipice of what promises to be a storytelling spectacle—a crescendo of narrative force that will, without a doubt, echo through the annals of science fiction literature.

Not to be Confused with the Lightbringer Series

In the vast expanse of literary cosmos, where tales of heroism and treachery intertwine, it’s imperative to navigate the stars correctly. As readers eagerly anticipate the Lightbringer installment of the Red Rising series, it’s crucial to distinguish it from another realm of fantasy bearing a strikingly similar moniker. The Lightbringer series by Brent Weeks, a separate literary journey, concluded its own epic narrative with the release of “The Burning White” in October 2019. This series, revered for its intricate magic systems and complex characters, has etched its place in the annals of fantasy literature.

While both series share a radiant name, they illuminate different worlds. Pierce Brown’s Lightbringer is the latest beacon in the Red Rising saga, a science fiction odyssey that continues to unfold a tapestry of rebellion and societal upheaval across the solar system. In contrast, Weeks’ Lightbringer series is firmly rooted in the realms of fantasy, complete with its own lore and legends that have long since reached their denouement.

Discerning fans of the Red Rising series should take heed not to cross the streams of these distinct universes. While both series explore the nuances of power and the complexities of revolution, they each offer unique insights and adventures, ensuring that their respective Lightbringers shine with an individual light, unshadowed by the other. As we chart the course for the summer release of Pierce Brown’s Lightbringer, let’s celebrate the diversity of these literary worlds, each a testament to the boundless creativity found within the pages of a good book.

So, as we set our sights on the thrilling continuation of Darrow’s journey, remember to honor the distinction between these two beacons of the fantasy and science fiction genres. May both Lightbringers guide you through their respective tales of struggle and triumph.

Key Characters in the Red Rising Series

The Red Rising saga is a tapestry of complex characters, each weaving their own thread into the epic narrative that has captivated readers worldwide. As we stand on the cusp of the release of Lightbringer, let us delve into the lives of some pivotal characters who have left an indelible mark on this series.

Among the constellation of characters, Atlas au Raa looms large. Brother to Romulus au Raa and patriarch to Ajax and Bellerephon, Atlas’s legacy is as complex as his strategic acumen. His tenure as the Fear Knight, a title steeped in authority and dread, lasted until the year 739 PCE. However, the tides of fate turned, and Atlas found himself cast into the fringes of the Solar System, a pawn in the power plays that ripple through this universe.

After the death of his ally Brutus au Arcos, and the subsequent fall of the Sovereign Octavia au Lune, Atlas made a triumphant yet tumultuous return to the Core. There, he rallied the Society Remnant, positioning himself as a formidable force in the ensuing conflict. Atlas’s story, a blend of cunning and cruelty, loyalty and betrayal, serves as a testament to the intricate world Pierce Brown has created.

In stark contrast, the narrative also mourns the loss of Cassius, whose demise adds a somber note to the series’ symphony. The desecration of his body in the wastes not only serves as a poignant reminder of the brutality that pervades this universe but also sets a stark backdrop for the characters’ relentless pursuit of their ideals.

Red Rising transcends the boundaries of its pages, fostering a community of fans who seek to immerse themselves further into its rich lore. The card game adaptation of Red Rising is a testament to the series’ broad appeal, allowing enthusiasts to strategize and compete, echoing the political machinations and power struggles that are the hallmark of Brown’s world.

As Lightbringer beckons, these characters and the worlds they inhabit remain etched in the minds of readers, their fates eagerly awaited. The legacy of Atlas au Raa and the memory of Cassius will undoubtedly play significant roles in the crescendo of this stellar saga.


The horizon of the Red Rising universe is ablaze with the imminent arrival of Lightbringer and the eventual release of Red God, signaling an epic crescendo to Pierce Brown’s masterful space opera. Devotees of Darrow’s rebellion and the intricate society of colors await with bated breath, pondering the fates that will befall their beloved characters. What new alliances will be forged? Which treacheries will surface? The anticipation is palpable.

In the intricate dance of power and revolution that paints the canvas of the Red Rising series, every twist, every turn, has been a brushstroke leading to these final masterpieces. As readers, we’ve journeyed through heartache, triumph, and betrayal alongside characters who have become as real to us as the page itself. Now, as the narrative tapestry nears completion, we’re left to speculate on the denouement that awaits.

Will the long-fought-for freedom see the light of day? Can the society of colors find harmony? The questions are as numerous as the stars in Brown’s galaxy. And though the details of these future tales are shrouded in mystery, one thing remains certain: the tales of Lightbringer and Red God will be etched into the annals of science fiction with the same fervor that has captured the hearts of fans worldwide.

While the conclusion of the Lightbringer Series by Brent Weeks has already graced the shelves, fans of Pierce Brown’s Red Rising will have to harness the virtue of patience. The sixth book, Lightbringer, is not the final chapter, but the penultimate step before we reach the saga’s zenith with Red God. Each piece of the puzzle that Brown has meticulously crafted is soon to fall into place, leaving us to marvel at the picture they reveal.

And it’s not just the books that have fans excited; the Red Rising universe extends its reach with a card game that allows us to immerse ourselves further into the world of Golds, Reds, and Obsidians. Each turn of the card, like each turn of the page, draws us deeper into the machinations of Brown’s creation.

As the countdown to the release of Lightbringer dwindles, the community of readers grows ever more eager. For in the world of Red Rising, nothing is as simple as black and white, Gold or Red; it is a spectrum of motives, a rebellion of hues, a symphony of character arcs that will find their final crescendo in the upcoming books. The future is indeed bright—or better said, it’s golden.


Q: Will there be a 6th book in the Red Rising series?
A: Yes, there will be a 6th book in the Red Rising series. The second series, which includes Iron Gold and Dark Age, will continue with Lightbringer to be published in Summer 2023, followed by one more novel to finish the series.

Q: What is the 6th book in the Red Rising series?
A: The 6th book in the Red Rising series is Lightbringer. It is part of the second series that follows the original trilogy consisting of Red Rising, Golden Son, and Morningstar.

Q: Is the Red Rising series finished?
A: No, the Red Rising series is not finished. After the original trilogy, the series continues with a follow-up series that currently includes Iron Gold and Dark Age. Lightbringer, the 6th book, is set to be published in Summer 2023, with one more novel to conclude the series.

Q: Is there a 7th Red Rising book?
A: Yes, there is a 7th Red Rising book titled Red God. It is part of the Red Rising Saga and is listed on Goodreads. However, it should be noted that this book is not part of the main series and may be a spin-off or separate story within the Red Rising universe.